I chose ITA because the instructor owner and manager is very well prepared and professional.  Showed a lot of passion and devotion in what she does that you can see when she teaches.  Is not only a theoretical  learning but a constant practice to ensure or achieve certain techniques.  For me it’s been wonderful to be a student of Dr. Natalia Doran.  The environment of the school is so warm and friendly we’re like family.  I strongly recommend for anyone who has interest in the skin program to talk to Dr. Doran and visit the school.   Teresa Paredes

I have been very satisfied with my training at ISBA.  I mainly chose ISBA because of the flexible schedule but now feel I am getting the best education possible.  Dr. Doran is very knowledgeable and has a fun way of teaching us.  I know that when I graduate f will be confident in my knowledge and abilities.  Margaret C.

When Dr. Doran as an esthetician is touching someone, there is bonding and caring expressed that is missing in so many lives today.   Skin, that marvelous lining fabric that covers and protects the human body, feels happy, healthy and beautiful.  Dr. Doran has a desire to nurture and help people feel better about themselves.  I’ve chosen this school because I want to treat everybody’s skin the way my teacher does, the best way possible-with love and passion.  It’s also important to me that Dr. Doran is a dermatologist by education.  That’s a big plus.  Iwona Rzepka, The Happy Student

My first impression of the school was excellent because Dr. Doran was very friendly and most of all enthusiastic and passionate about esthetics.  The other good thing was the flexible hours because I have two small children and am a stay at home mom.  Krista V.

The reason I decided to go to ISBA is because Dr. Doran is an amazing person overall but she is just as good of a teacher.  She has passion like nobody else that I know and she cares deeply for her students.  She also tells the truth about what we have to look forward to after we leave the school.  As soon as I meet her, I knew that I would attend the school because the passion and energy that she had made me more passionate abut esthetics.  I love her dearly and I hope that other people would come to the school because she is such a unique individual and she cares about her students and their future.  Karen E.

I love International Skin Beauty Academy because of the personal attention I get by the teachers.  I feel like the instructors really want us students to understand and make us the best we can be.  By the best, I mean knowledgeable, professional and caring for our future clients.  Students are absolutely great also.  I never felt so accepted and welcomed in any other school.  Rositsa G.

I’m really happy with the school, coming to this school is the best decision I’ve ever made.  I drive over an hour everyday but in my opinion it is worth it.  My teacher honestly cares about my knowledge and skills, I can tell that she is really passionate about what she does, she believes in all her students and only wants the best for us.  I’m so lucky I found this school and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to be a GREAT esthetician.  Renee F.

The reason I chose this school is because the teacher was a dermatologist in Russia, which I feel personally makes her very qualified.  Michele M.

You’re the best Dr. Doran.  I just want to thank you once again for everything you taught our daughter Kristie.  Because of you, Kristie is  a dynamic esthetician.  I am so impressed with Kristie’s techniques on facials and massage.  Kristie’s confidence and knowledge amazes me.  I am also an esthetician and it took me months to perform like Kristie.  I can’t thank you enough for the quality teaching you gave out daughter.  You’re the best!  Mrs. Schwarz

I needed a career change and I am so lucky I have found this school.  The teacher is absolutely wonderful.  All the girls are supportive, understanding and overall it’s a great atmosphere.  Being a part of this school is a pleasure and Dr. Doran-you are great!  Karolina L., Happy Student and Friend

Within the first five minutes of meeting with Dr. Doran, I know that this was the right school for me.  I had never been so excited to go to school before.  She makes learning so enjoyable and has a positive attitude.  Dr. Doran puts her focus on making sure we are learning and understanding everything.  I know that I will be a great esthetician because I have a great teacher.  This school is like a second home.  There other students are very friendly and helpful.  I have not regretted coming to any class.  This the best decision I have ever made.  Shauna S.

As many dental professionals already know; work is very hard, tedious, and stressful.  That is why when we relax we tend to always go to high end resorts and splurge on high end spa treatments.  In my 43 years of life and 19 years of doing dentistry I have seen my share of spas and massage therapists and medical cosmetician.  Quite honestly none have compared with the training, skill, and acumen than the students that graduate from Dr. Natalia Doran’s International Skin Beauty Academy.  I have recently opened a dental boutique that also offers head and neck medical aesthetic treatments and have hired only from Natalia’s Academy.  I believe in Natalia and her school’s philosophy and I believe in my medical esthetician that I have hired from her Academy.  As the well known commercial goes…Not only am I believer in her Academy, I am also a client.  Dr. Brandon Becker

I chose ISBA for a number of reasons.  The class schedule is accommodating for all lifestyles and is very flexible.  The class sizes are small and allow for more personal one on one training.  One of the most important reasons is Dr. Doran’s passion for skin care and her pursuit of excellence and perfectionism in teaching her students.  Melissa B.

I came across ISBA as I was researching skin products.  I’m a certified make-up artist and never even thought of pursuing an esthetician career until I read about the academy’s program, which seemed to be different that anything else I come across.  After interviewing with Dr. Doran I felt lucky to be a part of ISBA.  Now as a student of the school I feel extremely confident and knowledgeable, always looking forward for more information and more studies.  Dr. Doran’s approach to skin esthetics is so unique and logical, based on scientific explanation that makes the process of learning such a joy.  The procedures learned in school have an explanation from beginning to the end and I’m very appreciative to the fact that our instructors are so precise into perfecting our performance and making sure that we do only the best not allowing anything other than the best.  Alisa R.

I decided this school because I saw Dr. Doran’s confidence that she can teach me well.  First thing fI was really worry about  was my language.  Dr. Doran and instructors explain and taught me well, it really came to me well.  They repeat and repeat what I couldn’t understand, also a lot of practice makes me more comfortable.  And she also gave me confidence too.  I love to come to this school, I really have fun to learn from staff here.  All students are nice and happy.  I believe that when I graduate I will be knowledgeable like Dr. Doran.  She tries to give everything that she has.  Jinah C.

 I chose ISBA because the comfort and knowledge I felt from Dr. Doran and things I heard from the other students.  Now that I’ve been here for a while it has all been verified.  The school is the most knowledgeable.  I could have never imagined Dr. Doran’s knowledge and skills she has taught me.  I know that I am going to be the best I can be and one of the best estheticians out there thanks to ISBA.  I would recommend this school to everyone.  Amber H.

I am happy with the decision that I made to enroll at ISBA.  After couple of months researching esthetician schools, I chose ISBA.  I truly think it’s the best of everything.  What a school should have, hands on instructor, the best and most understandable study system, etc.  I am getting more knowledge and having more passion of studying more about skin and most importantly, I know that students here at ISBA are the best.  Nadiya A.

The reason I chose this school over other esthetics schools was the instant welcome I felt.  I spoke with Dr. Doran and she was very honest and upfront about her style of teaching.  She explained how the practice of a procedure is very important, but also understanding what  the benefits  are to the skin.  What an esthetician does is key to being the “best” esthetician.  What I have learned about skin care from Dr. Doran has helped me to help my family and clients I have at home.  I can explain to people the reason they need to use certain products or have certain procedures.  I am confident in the knowledge that I have gained from ISBA.  Lourdes M.

I decided to come to ISBA because I wanted to help people feel better about their skin and also help everyone with acne problems.  This school has such a fun and excellent learning environment  that it makes school enjoyable.  What you learn coming here is how to be the best esthetician and many interesting facts about skin, the body and how it all works together.  ISBA was an easy choice for me.  Amber B.

Ever since I started attending ISBA I never realized that so much knowledge and so much learning can be taught in such an interesting way, taught to us with so much passion and so much knowledge.  The structure of the school allowed me to work around my children.  The environment surrounded with the students.  The instructors and our teacher is so amazing that words cannot even describe it.  I just love this school all around for what it has offered me.  Angela E.

I would like to comment about ISBA.  I feel that my education gave me the tools for becoming an excellent esthetician.  I have never had a more caring and dedicated teacher as Dr. Doran.  She truly puts everything into her school and her students.  I would like to thank her.  I would definitely recommend this school to anyone who is serious about becoming an esthetician.   Julie T.

Dr. Doran is very personable and was more than just a teacher.  Her knowledge is amazing.  She wasn’t a teacher who just read from the book, she added so much more to class.  Christina O.

I love Dr. Doran.  She gave me a lot of knowledge and practice.  She also gave me a lot of confidence.  Dovile K.

ISBA is unique in many different ways.  My first impression of the school when I walked in the door was that you feel students engaged and focused.  After meeting with current students and Dr. Doran, I saw their passion and dedication to this profession that inspired me and made me want to be one of them-one of the best.  After checking out a few other schools, none of them made me feel like they care, didn’t leave a feeling like that was “my” place.  After being here just for a month, I am glad that I made this decision to join the school.  Just for this short period of time the skills and knowledge I received from teachers are above and beyond.  I can’t wait to learn more and I am confident that after I leave the school my skills will take me to an advanced level thanks to the instructors great input and their unique method of teaching.  Snezhana T.

I decided to come to ISBA  because after looking at another school I knew that this school was different.  I have learned so much not only from the theory part of school, but to practicing, practicing and more practicing which no other school offers.  I have also gained amazing self esteem and confidence.  I am not afraid to make mistakes because now I know that this is how you learn-by correcting them.  I look forward to my new career and know that I can have a successful career.  One in which I truly love.  Barrie T.

I’ll be graduating soon from ISBA and I’ve come a long way-literally and figuratively.  I live in Indiana and travel over 120 miles each way, yet I have no regrets in choosing this school for my training.  I feel confident in the skills and knowledge I’ve attained here and as an added bonus, have gotten to know some wonderful students and instructors.  Dr. Doran, as a trained dermatologist, and esthetician, brings a wealth of knowledge.  Her personality and exuberance help create an atmosphere that we as students want to be a part of.  I doubt there are many schools where the students don’t want to leave, yet I hear it time and again.  We work, we clean (a lot), we learn, and we have fun.  It is a special thing to be a part of and I’ve enjoyed every bit of it.  Jenny T.


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