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The founder of International Skin Beauty Academy (also known as International Training Academy), Dr. Natalia Doran, has more than 35 years of experience as a dermatologist in Europe, and as an Esthetics and Medical Assisting teacher in the United States. Her knowledge, medical education, practical experience, and passion make her uniquely qualified to provide unmatched standards of training in esthetics and health care.  

She has spent many years trying to build the school of her dreams, which was founded in 2004, When asked what drives her, Dr. Doran speaks with conviction only a dedicated professional, who sacrificed her personal time off and vacations for four years has: “Passion and desire to change people’s lives”. Her hard work has paid off – Dr. Doran has trained hundreds of consummate skin care and health care professionals, many of whom went on to open their own successful businesses.  

When Dr. Doran founded her school to fill the void in quality skin care education, she named it International Skin Beauty Academy. After many years of careful research, Dr. Doran has developed a number of outstanding skincare treatments, including the famous Age-Control Facial™, which she passes on her students. Together with a group of highly qualified, well educated, intelligent, and extremely motivated instructors, whom she personally trained, Dr. Doran developed an extremely successful esthetics program.  

The Academy has also been dubbed the “School of Second Chances” for allowing women and men to finally pursue their passion and build a successful career. The students have come from near and far – both literally and metaphorically! We have trained women from almost 30 countries and are used to students driving from Indiana and Wisconsin to attend classes. But then students from other parts of the country - North Dakota, Arkansas, Virginia, Iowa and Florida - chose to move to Illinois to learn at the Academy. The list of current and former students includes licensed physicians, registered nurses, licensed estheticians, cosmetologists, and massage therapists.

Next Level of Success 

After establishing its reputation as one of the best skin care schools in the country, and changing a multitude of lives for the better, we were ready to grow further and take it to the next level. The idea for the new direction came to Dr. Doran after she started attending Chicago Dermatological Society meetings and round-tables at Rush and Cook County hospitals. Many hospitals and doctors are looking (and struggling) to find well-trained employees who can perform a variety of functions at their practices.

Dr. Doran realized that training in both Medical Esthetics and Medical Assisting would be a unique opportunity for the future success. Each profession itself has a potential for a great earning. The combination would not only double a graduate’s income and give benefits; it would also make a person indispensable to the medical office and their team. The Academy’s outstanding medical programs include: Administrative and Clinical Medical Assisting, EKG, Phlebotomy, and Massage Therapy.

Dr. Doran has assembled a phenomenal team of top-level specialists and educators in the healthcare field. ISBA also moved to a bigger facility, remodeled to the exact specifications of the growing school. To better represent the new direction, Dr. Doran decided to use the name International Training Academy for the Medical Assisting Program. 


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